• Guerlain


    Guerlain is a French perfume house, among the oldest in the world. It has a large customer following, and has traditionally been held in high esteem in the perfume industry. Perfumes by Guerlain are often said to be characterized by a common olfactory accord known as the “Guerlinade.” A perfume by the same name was launched by Guerlain in 1921.

    The House of Guerlain was owned and managed by members of the Guerlain family from 1828 to 1994. It was acquired in 1994 by the LVMH group, a multinational investment corporation specializing in luxury brands. The House of Guerlain was founded in 1828, when Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain opened his perfume store at 42, rue de Rivoli in Paris. As both the founder and first perfumer of the house, Pierre-François composed and manufactured custom fragrances with the help of his two sons, Aimé and Gabriel.

    Guerlain’s creations have long influenced the trends of perfumery with fragrances such as JickyShalimar, and Vétiver. Guerlain is among the few older houses (such as Caron) that exist solely to produce and market perfumes, though Guerlain today also produces a range of makeup and skincare products.

    Some of the most popular fragrances are Eau de Cologne Impériale, Jicky, Après L’Ondée, L’Heure Bleue, Mitsouko, Shalimar, and many more.