• Jean Charles Brosseau


    Jean Charles Brosseau is a fashion designer from Paris in France. He founded his own perfume house at the young age of 25 after successfully graduating from a fashion school in Paris in 1955.

    It was 1970 when he opened a boutique on Paris’ Place des Victoires, a now popular address for high end fashion.

    In 1978 he made his first attempts to create fragrances. He mixed musky notes, vanilla, heliotrope and rosewood which were intended to bond and build a fragrant base, but found the scent that intriguing that he declared the composition to be finished. This perfume, which was eventually launched in 1981, is the famous Ombre Rose! Ombre Rose was unveiled at New York’s prestigious department store Bergdorf Goodman and became an instant hit with New York’s perfume lovers before it became a bestseller all over the world.