• Liz Claiborne


    Liz Claiborne is a fashion company started in 1976 in New York by Belgian-born designer Liz Claiborne, her husband Art Ortenberg, and business partners Leonard Boxer and Jerome Chazen.

    The company added accessories to its line in 1980, and a men’s line named simply “Claiborne” soon followed. Liz Claiborne became the first company founded by a woman to enter the Fortune 500.

    The company’s first fragrance, Liz Claiborne for Women, in the distinctive triangle bottle, was introduced in 1986. The first fragrance for men, Claiborne, was launched in 1989.

    Liz Claiborne passed away in 2007.

    The rights to all fragrances under the Liz Claiborne umbrella, including the Lucky, Juicy Couture and popular Curve series, were acquired by Elizabeth Arden in 2008.